Welcome to the Archives page! I’ve been writing and recording songs since 1977, assembling them into homemade albums. In the last few years I’ve been archiving the old cassette tapes into the digital domain. On this page, I open my closet of old bones to you, willing listener. All of the song samples below were recorded on analog cassette tapes (except late 90’s tracks, recorded on digital ADAT tapes). I remixed them for the 21st century, but there will still be analog anomalies i.e. hiss, distrortion and buzzing, due to engineering inexperience. Below is a 25 year retrospective of never before heard tracks. Unless you’ve got a copy of one these old tapes buried deep in a box somewhere…

Someday I will finish this mammoth archiving project and offer the songs below in the complete homemade albums that they were intended for; in the meantime, listen and giggle…

Song Clips (WAV files):
Lost (1977 – 12 yo)
Sometimes (1978 – 13 yo)
Lonely Man (1979 – 14 yo)
Closed Eyes (1980 – 15 yo)
Seeing Three (1981 – 16 yo)
However Far (1982 – 17 yo)
The Thin Line (1985 – 20 yo)
The Great Deceiver (1985 – 20 yo)
Dreamin’ (1985 – 20 yo)
Weepin’ And-a Moanin’ (1986 – 21 yo)
I Wonder Why (1988 – 23 yo)
Night Falls (1991 – 26 yo)
The Chance I’ll Have To Take (1993 – 28 yo)
The Sky is Falling (1994 – 29 yo)
Judy’s Street (1995 – 30 yo)
Goodbye 20th Century (1999 – 34 yo)
Keep An Eye Out For Me (2000 – 35 yo)
When I See You (2002 – 37 yo)

All songs (c) Mayone Music SESAC

p.s. Thanks to all the contributing musicians and songwriters. Credit will be properly given when the archiving project is finished and ready for duplication…


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  1. hey steve! website looks great! wish that Castles recording you did with kyle was in here. i had a cassette of it around here somewhere, but i haven’t seen it in awhile. peace!

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