[Beautiful Blood is] an album of quiet beauty and marvellous moments.”  – Jeremy Searle, Maverick Country (UK)

“Together there is a simpatico that is genetic as well as intellectual. They are a good match, and Beautiful Blood is worthy of many listenings.” – Art Edelstein, Vermont Barre-Montpelier Times Argus

“[On Beautiful Blood] the playing is excellent and the mix of guitar, mandolin, fiddle and banjo can make for a heady cocktail on some of the song arrangements. Highly recommended.”  – Lonesome Highway (IE)

“Boston’s unsungest singer dishes an epic platter. You can listen for the influences—Beatles, Beach Boys, Lyle Lovett—but what emerges is Mayone’s own chameleon genius.” – Steve Almond, author of Candy Freak and Rock n’ Roll Will Save Your Life

“An exquisite ensemble with jam-ready grooves.” – Steve Morse, Boston Globe

Winning rock… blessed with a sweet 1960s pop sensibility.” – Santa Monica Mirror

“What [Steve Mayone] has achieved on Bedroom Rockstar is to ‘bottle’ the sense of freedom enjoyed by a singer/songwriter faced with a blank sheet of paper and his own imagination… The stark truth is Mayone is a master songsmith. He crafts and molds his stories eloquently and intelligently and there’s not many that you can say that about.” – Americana UK

“I’m impressed… Spare, tasteful playing behind solid singing of thoughtful, well-written material.” – Alan Lewis, New England Music Scrapbook

“Steve Mayone … bring[s] a wide variety style and talent to this record. [His songs have a] rootsy edge, but the tunes on Bedroom Rockstar also venture into Beatle-esque pop….”  – Miles of Music

Bedroom Rockstar is entertaining, with catchy songs and playing… a fine CD.”  –Americana Roots

“[Bedroom Rockstar] stands out proudly… absolutely gorgeous.” – Discovering Artists

“[Mayone] switches easily from rootsy Americana to well crafted power pop [and] he proves himself equally adept at country ballads based on banjo and fiddle. Whatever style he plays in, Mayone has a knack for a good tune.” – Shindig

Bedroom Rockstar is a compendium of styles and sources, more like a greatest hits compilation… the quality of songs, the immaculate playing and the subtle arrangements and production… shows the world what it’s been missing.” – Comes with a Smile

“A virtuoso in musicianship, Steve Mayone writes compelling singer/songwriter classics. A great follow-up to his breathtaking Bedroom Rockstar, Unfortunate Son is another notch on a belt of talented pop-rock ventures with slight Americana bends and juicy roots rock. Good stuff.”   –Smother

“Borrowing from the title of his praise-worthy debut, this Bedroom Rockstar has overcome his agoraphobia and taken his songs beyond the front stoop… Mayone ties up all of Americana, folk, classic and roots-rock, effortlessly flowing from one to the next and never at a loss for interest. No matter how he displays them, either simple or well-crafted, his songs have natural passion and organic life going for them.”  –Miles of Music

“Mayone traverses all manner of Americana musical styles… songs swerve from dreamy acoustic roots rock to Beach Boys like sensible pop songs… something for fans of all Americana, and beyond.”  –Americana UK

Bedroom Rockstar is an amalgam of Dylenesque and probably Cat Stevens proportions with a twist of pop country banjos, bluesy guitar and drum lines together with passionate vocals that grabs your attention simultaneously. Each track is a bullet of well crafted sophisto folk-pop.” – Panartist

Long Play Record is a coherent whole full of inspired songs which touches base with Americana, wistful acousticism, Beatles-style Power Pop and – in a couple of cases – genuinely dirty, sleazy Rock’n’Roll. Brilliantly, Mayone subjects all the tunes to the classic “3-minute pop song” formula, ensuring nothing here outstays its’ welcome and that Long Play Record is a breeze for the listener… Mayone’s skill as a songwriter shines through the brightest: [his] across-the-board understanding of his craft allows him to pull off everything from intimate Country-Blues set pieces like ‘Blue Sun’ and ‘High Lonesome’, through to purer pop moments – ‘Help Me Make It Through The Night’ could almost be a slightly gnarlier Crowded House – and even a gorgeous harmonic delight like ‘I Heard It In A Song’. With its multiple harmonies and everlasting Californian crush this latter song inevitably brings Brian Wilson to mind, yet its’ so lovingly and skilfully assembled, it easily transcends mere pastiche… Long Play Record is an impressive collection of songs designed to be listened to as a single entity and I can guarantee it will bring pleasure aplenty to anyone who likes their Americana laced with a pop edge. All credit to the man from Massachusetts.” – AmericanaUK

The Cousins Project featured in the Boston Herald, written by Jed Gottlieb